About My Work

In my landscape photographs, the human form is always there; an integral part of the natural surroundings. In some photos, the human form is more ephemeral, like a shadow or reflection of the elements around it. In others, the body, while dominant, is still a harmonious chord in the natural score. The work is the result of several years of collaboration with my wife, Susan Murphy. Time is a recurring theme in my work. In many photos I allow the shutter to let the movement flow from the small stream of human time into the vast river of nature’s time, showing the human’s blur against the stillness of the landscape. In other works the shutter holds an essential instant. The human figure in these photographs finds her right placement in the immense quietude of nature. In stillness, time ceases and she joins with the moment’s eternity, remembering who she is.


Fifteen years in New York gave me an excellent technical foundation in photography. When I left and moved to a small coastal California town, I started taking photos on trips into wilderness areas with my wife. We loved the beauty, the serenity and the scale of nature. The work soon evolved into our metaphor for how we are an intrinsic undeniable essential part of nature. Twenty five years later we decided to go back to the Southwest and find some of the places we had photographed before. Having a camper made it easy to get into the backcountry and revisit favorite remote settings. In many cases we found that the natural settings had changed more than Susan’s body because of erosion, weather assaults and human’s intrusion. So while we did not faithfully recapitulate many of our original shots in the same setting we found ways to echo Susan’s body shapes from the past with the present natural formations.



I combine the human form with the landscape in a metaphorical way, showing our connection with nature. Whether it be with humility or humor, fragility or strength; whether we are ephemeral or material; indeed, we are part of nature and our placement portrays how.



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